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Cereser, a drink for every moment, in Food and Drink Digital

Leader in the cider division in the country, Cereser diversifies its portfolio, while maintaining the reputation of being the Brazilian manufacturer of beverages that are a symbol of celebration

(SAN DIEGO, CA) – Every Brazilian, in the year-end parties, has opened a bottle of Cereser. The traditional brand is always present at celebrations and special occasions, and in those moments of relaxation. Whether toasting at holidays, bringing more pleasure to the table or offering refreshing choices for hot days, this beverage company follows the changing consumer demands, and has focused increasingly on innovation and improvement of its products. "We are distinguished from other companies in the beverage segment by offering a diversified range of products, ranging from the distilled ciders, to wines and ices," says José Fontelles, Commercial Director of the company, in a recent interview for Food and Drink Digital.

 It all began in 1926 when the Cereser family started its activities in the beverage market in the wine industry, in Jundiaí, in the state of São Paulo. It was in 1967 though, that the company launched its most famous product: the Sidra Cereser, a bubbly drink based on fermented apples. So far the brand is the leader in the market and remains part of the traditional Christmas dinner and New Year celebrations in a large proportion of the population.

 Today, the company exports 16 percent of its production to over 40 countries across Latin America, such as Paraguay, Uruguay, Cuba, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Colombia. The brand also reaches the African continent, in countries like Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria and others, also China, and even the Middle East, especially Dubai and Qatar.

To read more about the innovations Cereser is bringing to the market, check out the full article in the June 2012 issue of Food and Drink Digital.

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