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Agrícola Famosa: fruits of a better life, in Food and Drink Digital

Major exporter of fresh fruit in Brazil and biggest producer of melons in the world, Agrícola Famosa creates new routes for its products, reaching new continents
 Agrícola Famosa

(SAN DIEGO, CA) – Fruit production in Brazil has expanded in the last ten years, with increasing surpluses, favorable impact on the economy, and with the increase of fruit production that has reached an average of 2.5 percent per year since 1990, keeping the same rate of growth export.

    A national company, and with a well developed structure, Agrícola Famosa has been a highlight in this market, adopting advanced technologies to improve the quality of its fruits and to allow more attractive prices, without losing sight however, of their social and environmental responsibilities. With roots in the Northeast, Agrícola Famosa fruits are taking over the world.

    Founded in 1995, which initially was a desire to grow and produce quality fruit in the middle of the Brazilian Northeast, today translates into a diversified production, steady growth and market expansion. In recent years, Agrícola Famosa projected itself as the largest producer and exporter of fresh fruits from Brazil, constantly expanding its area of operation. In the current crop, besides the attended markets, Agrícola Famosa is expanding its exports to Dubai, Singapore, Turkey, Russia, Lithuania, United States, Canada, among others: "We want to strengthen our lines of banana and papaya and optimize our operation of melon, to ensure the solvency and profitability of the company," says Carlo Porro, director and founding partner of Agrícola Famosa, in a recent interview for Food and Drink Digital.

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