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Top Cheftestant Fabio Viviani Signs On with Windstar

Fabio Viviani, one of Top Chef's all-time Fan Favorites, is coming straight to the guests with lectures aboard a Windstar luxury cruise
 Fabio Viviani Signs On with Windstar

Chef Fabio Viviani may not have won the top prize, whether on Top Chef Season 5 or Top Chef All-Stars, but has certainly won viewers’ hearts. The Top Chef fan favorite and owner/executive chef of Los Angeles’ Café Firenze and Firenze Osteria is a convivial crowd-pleaser of the highest order – a trait which allowed him to breeze through front-of-house duties during Top Chef Restaurant Wars with unparalleled grace. It also means that putting him in a position to connect with guests on an even more personal level is a no-brainer, which makes his new gig on Windstar Cruises an excellent fit.

According to a press release from Windstar Cruises, Fabio Viviani will be setting sail on Windstar’s Wind Surf luxury yacht cruise during its Athens to Rome voyage in October. “During the sailing,” reads the release, “Viviani will conduct a lecture, question and answer session, and cooking demonstration.”




Of course, this ride will cost interested parties a little more than online cooking demonstrations at Top Chef Academy. Windstar Cruises are serious about luxury – four upscale restaurants and a lounge, a Yacht Club, yoga and pilates classes, and deluxe staterooms and suites outfitted with top-class linens and robes, L’Occitane amenities and Bose audio equipment. Add in celebrity appearances and exotic locals, and you’re looking at dropping some serious scratch. This particular Windstar Cruise, which sets sail from Athens on October 22 and hits Milos, Monemvasia, Messina, Amalfi, and Ischia before winding up in Rome, runs upward of $2,399 for a double occupancy suite.

That said – if you can afford the trip (and that class it entails), it should be pretty choice indeed. 

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