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The Simpsons to Achieve Celebrity Chef Critical Mass

On November 13, The Simpsons will get chock full of celebrity chefs for a very special food blogging episode
 The Simpsons to Achieve Celebrity Chef Critical Mass

Fans of The Simpsons should be salivating right about now: it looks like the show is about to get an injection of culinary culture beyond the usual donuts and beer. Today entertainment blog TV Line released an exclusive first look at an upcoming Simpsons episode that will feature the likenesses of Anthony Bourdain (yay!), Gordon Ramsay, Julia Child, Paul Prudhomme, Guy Fieri, Wolfgang Puck, and enough other familiar faces to keep the Food Network up and running for the rest of the year.

But why are we describing it when we could just show you? Check it out:

The Simpsons The Food Wife.jpg

Who else do you recognize? Along with the aforementioned celebrity chefs, we can also make out Mario Batali, the Swedish Chef, and Colonel Sanders without a shadow of a doubt. Some of the other faces, on the other hand, have left us a little stumped. Is that Jamie Oliver crouched down and smiling in the left bottom corner? Is the disdainful-looking sideburned man Chopped’s Ted Allen or Graham Kerr the Galloping Gourmet? Who’s that bespectacled gal with the cellphone? Or are we barking up the wrong tree in assuming everyone in this picture is a celebrity chef? 

We’ll be able to clear up all our questions on November 13 when the episode airs. Entitled “The Food Wife,” it reportedly involves Marge getting into the wide world of food blogging. Until then, we’ll just have to speculate and wait with bated breath.


[Via Eater National]

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