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Starbucks Hands Out Free Refreshers on Friday the 13th

Free Starbucks Refreshers beverages this Friday? We'll take it
 Starbucks Hands Out Free Refreshers on Friday the 13th

It’s Friday, and your friendly editor at Food & Drink Digital is going to be running around at San Diego Comic-Con International like a kid in a candy shop (or your editor in a candy shop). As we’ve discussed before, viable food and drink options at the Convention Center have only recently started to improve. But free options are also great, because we want to spend most of our hard-earned cash on limited edition Comic-Con exclusive issues of Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens (don’t judge us). So this is nice: today Starbucks is offering free tall (12-oz ) Starbucks Refreshers beverages from 12-3PM.

Starbucks Refreshers are the brand’s new summer drink that it’s marketing through retail cans, Starbucks Via packets, and freshly made at Starbucks locations. It’s more or less an energy drink in concept – extracting caffeine from unroasted coffee beans and mixing it in with juices like hibiscus or lime. Sounds perfect for Comic-Con – caffeine fuel without the creamy hotness of regular coffee (we’ll be getting enough body heat in the exhibit hall, trust us).



This is going to be happening at all participating Starbucks, which pretty much means every Starbucks at least in the United States that isn’t attached to another business. In keeping with a theme, we’ve ascertained that there are ten Starbucks locations within close proximity of the San Diego Convention Center. So which ones are participating in this giveaway with free drinks ripe for the picking? Here’s what we found:


1. Convention Center (111 W. Harbor Dr.) – No

2. Convention Center Location 2 – No

3. Convention Center Lobby  – No

4. Marriott San Diego Marina – No Response

5. Hilton San Diego Bayfront – No Response

6. 4th & Market (345 Market St.) – YES

7. Horton Plaza (324 Horton Plaza) – YES

8. Horton Plaza II (75 Horton Plaza) – YES

9. 5th & F St. (511 F St.) – YES

10. 10th & Market (1011 Market St. C-1) – YES


So if you’re at Con and in dire need of refreshment and the chances of getting in to the 2:45PM Game of Thrones panel is looking bleak, now you know where to go. 

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