Contributed By Adam Schwartz for Dreamstime


Why do photos of food taken from smartphones never really capture how delicious it was? Oftentimes, a smartphone photographer will fail to capture a photo depicting how appetizing their food truly is. To counteract this trend, Dreamstime offers some tips on making your food photos more appealing:


  • Choose Wisely   Always try to order a dish that will both taste and look delicious. The more appetizing the ingredients, the more enticing your photo will be.
  • Prepping your Subject  When photographing  food, think of a focus point, a spot where you want to draw the attention. “I want the food to be the main subject and not the plate.” says Catalina Zaharescu, a Dreamstime contributor.
  • Background  The background is also very important: you can make a whole set of different images just by changing the viewing angle.
  • Lighting  As with any type of photography, having a good source of light is a critical element to consider. Also move the plate (if the source of light is fixed and coming from above, perpendicularly) until you find an angle that will provide a game of lights and shadows. Lighting will make the dish, otherwise, the food looks flat and unappealing.
  • Props  Another suggestion is to incorporate a human presence by including knives, spoons or napkins. These elements add some interest to the shot composition and also make the food more appealing by implying that it will soon be enjoyed. 
  • Be creative!  More than anything, use your imagination and get creative while dining.


Remember – food photographs are eaten by the eyes. A good food photograph should whet the appetite, appeal to the senses, and make everyone else jealous!

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