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SeriousEats Breaks Down the Neapolitan Pizza

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Neapolitan style Pizza
 SeriousEats Breaks Down the Neapolitan Pizza

We love Neapolitan pizza here at Food & Drink Digital. (You’ll find out a little more about that in our September 2011 issue, so stay tuned!) But even though it’s the original, Neapolitan pizzas are such a far cry from their deep dished and thin sliced brethren that they can be almost jarring for the uninitiated. But the fine folks over at SeriousEats have put together a primer on what exactly to expect whether you’re a Neapolitan neophyte or just need a refresher course (or just really like thinking about pizza), and it’s one we’re happy to share with you on this lazy Sunday.

One thing you might not know – you’ll never find a Neapolitan pizza sold by the slice, and you probably won’t want to order takeout when you could be eating in.




“I've never, ever, ever seen a Neapolitan pizzeria do by-the-slice pizza,” says SeriousEats’ Adam Kuban. “It's a whole-pie-only, sit-down affair. Either that or a take-out or delivery thing. But, really, you don't ever want to eat a boxed Neapolitan pizza. The crust just does not hold up well. It ends up steaming up in the confined space, and once it gets cold, it loses what crispness it had and has the potential to become very chewy. Eat in for the best results.”

The article also goes into size, cooking times, the best way to eat one, and the phenomenon of the soupy pizza. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the full story here

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