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Mixologists Gets the Rap Parody Treatment

Fog & Smog follow up their Whole Foods parking lot jam with a send-up of not-so-humble bartenders
 Mixologists Gets the Rap Parody Treatment

Happy Lazy Sunday! How about a video for those of you beating the heat by staying inside?

Last year, Fog & Smog wrote and produced an ode to Whole Foods, from its good pinot noirs to its cute little shopping carts. In a new video they’re taking on the mixologists that dedicate not just their evenings, but also their lives to crafting intricate $20 cocktails with outré ingredients that hearken back to bygone Prohibition eras.

Or, in other words: “Dude, you’ve been watching way too much Boardwalk Empire.”

We love a good classic cocktail as much as the next writer (maybe even a little bit more), but there’s no harm in poking a little fun at a craft that can get a little self-serious sometimes. So mix yourself a drink (and don’t skimp on the organic rosemary sprigs and small-batch bourbon), snuggle up with a burlesque cutie, and cool off for a few minutes with the Fog & Smog guys, and don’t forget to have a great weekend.



[SOURCE: Eater National]

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