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Mind Bending Martinis

Shake things up this summer with some tricked out martinis
 Mind Bending Martinis

Written By: Tami Jones


Forget the tired dry martini – gin and vermouth, step aside – we’re pullin’ out the big guns with these unique twists on the classic cocktail. Food & Drink Digital has done the research for you so get those shakers down off the high shelf, dust off your fanciest martini glasses and read on …


Cajun Martini

Sometimes the only way to beat fire is with fire. As temperatures soar across the states this summer, give it a try: maybe sweating a little will help cool you down.

The spicy Cajun Martini gets its name from a mix of Tabasco and jalapeños. First, pick your poison – vodka or gin – and shake vigorously in a chilled shaker with a few slices of pepper. Coat the inside of a martini glass with Tabasco by sprinkling in some of the hot sauce, twirling to coat, and pouring out the excess.

Strain the mixture into the glass, serve over ice and get ready to feel some steam coming out of your ears!


Flaming Blue Kiss Martini

We like this one for its presentation, attitude, and danger factor.  What can we say?  We have a penchant for adventure! 

Acquiring its name from the marriage of Blue Curacao and the flame inspired by a swirled layer of Bacardi 151 in the martini glass, this hot martini mama is sure to ignite your passions.

Pour enough 151 to coat your martini glass, swirl, and dump the excess.  In a shaker mix Vanilla vodka, Blue Curacao, and Grand Marnier and shake vigorously.  Light the 151 in the martini glass with your favorite fire starter and add some liquid from the shaker to create this perfectly precarious libation.

We recommend this as your first drink of the night rather than your last and, remember, always with adult supervision.


Bacon Chocolate Martini

Look no further than the unadulterated ecstasy that defines this perfect union between salty and sweet.  Though chocolate covered bacon in its food form is a true culinary delight, we like this version even better, because come on it’s a martini.

Combine equal parts Bakon Vodka and Chocolate Liqueur in a cocktail shaker.  Add ice, a splash of cream, and shake until your heart’s content.  Chill your martini glass and dip the rim in sugar.  If you’re feeling exceptionally shameless you could add a splash of Hazelnut and Coffee Liqueurs for a more complex flavor, or a swirl of chocolate syrup in the glass instead of the sugar rim.

Whatever you decide, this creation is sure to make your taste buds scream and ascend your mixology moxie to new spiritual heights.

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