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MIHO Gastrotruck Adds Second Food Truck to Fleet

One of San Diego's pioneering food trucks looks to double its business
 MIHO Gastrotruck Adds Second Food Truck to Fleet

There comes a time in every restaurateur’s life when they have to ask themselves: are we ready to expand? For Juan Miron and Kevin Ho, co-founders of MIHO Gastrotruck and pioneers of the San Diego food truck scene, that time is now and the answer is a resounding yes. When the pair took their fledgling venture out on its maiden voyage back in 2010, food trucks in San Diego were pretty much nonexistent. But, over the past year and a half, the city’s food truck scene has exploded – and between a diehard army of followers (referred to affectionately as HOMIs) and a steady stream of private event bookings, it’s getting hard to keep up.

And so, it came to pass that a brand new second MIHO truck was unveiled this Saturday evening at Bird Park.  

“Having a second truck had always been a part of our business plan,” explains Miron via e-mail. “We knew that in order to grow our business and service all of our HOMIs, the second truck was vital to our success.”  

Now, with its fleet doubled, the MIHO Gastrotruck is ready to expand its scope. “The second truck will be focusing on serving the North County area of San Diego for our weekday lunch locations,” says Miron, adding that the second truck will also open the brand up to previously unattainable opportunities in the realm of catering and special events. “For the past six months we had been missing catering opportunities, as we had been booked with the one truck and had to decline offers. Now, we plan on maximizing as much as we can.”




But with new food trucks seemingly cropping up every day now (not to mention the nationwide trend of co-opting the movement’s once purely grassroots nature for corporate means), is the food truck movement reaching critical mass? “The movement is rapidly growing,” Miron admits. “Pretty soon the market will hit a ceiling, and will force many trucks to really fine tune what they offer and what makes them unique, which will lead to more of an overall emphasis on quality not quantity.”

But that shouldn’t be a problem for MIHO. The truck’s simple concept of creating tasty and inventive street food out of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients pretty much defines quality, and the standard it set by being one of the first has played a major part in elevating San Diego’s food truck scene to a level that could eventually rival more established scenes like Los Angeles or Portland.

Naturally, that’s another goal for the gastrotruck. “As local San Diegans, and truckers,” says Miron, “we strive to always move into a direction that puts San Diego on the map in anything that we do.” If the success that has ushered in MIHO’s expansion is any indication, that’s a goal that becomes more attainable with each passing day.


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