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Mark Wahlberg + Brothers to Open Wahlburgers Restaurant

The Wahlbergs are opening a restaurant called Wahlburgers and that is a glorious thing
 Wahlberg Brothers to Open Wahlburgers Restaurant

The Wahlbergs are a talented bunch. There’s New Kids on the Block veteran-turned-actor Donnie Walhberg, underwear model-turned-actor Marky Mark Mark Wahlberg – and then there’s Paul Wahlberg, one of the lesser known siblings and no relation to the guy who put grills on the map. This one is a chef, more famous within the Boston area for helming Bridgeman’s Restaurant in Hull as head chef before opening his own restaurant Alma Nove in Hingham. Now all three brothers are combining their collective talents and resources by partnering in the creation of a new restaurant, named – what else? – Wahlburgers. (So perfect.)

Not that getting that name was easy – before the Wahlberg restaurant could officially open, Step One was securing the trademark rights to the word Wahlburgers.” The rights which were previously owned by Rochester burger chain Tom Wahl’s, which served up Wahlburgers of its own. But getting hold of that name was critical. “It just works,” business partner Ed St. Croix told the Boston Herald. “It’s a good-sounding brand we could put out the product with, a great name people could relate to.” The team reportedly had some back-up names waiting in the wings if the deal fell through, but they’re likely so much less amazing than Wahlburgers that St. Croix has not even bothered to mention them.




And so, with everything in place, Wahlburgers is slated to open at the Hingham Shipyard complex, a 4,300 square foot affair just across from Alma Nove. In addition, the brothers are already also planning to open a pizza joint next year. “His first restaurant has been absolutely fabulous, a real anchor for the Shipyard,” Hingham administrator Ted Alexiades said of Wahlberg and his endeavors both past and present. “We expect nothing, but success.” So do we. After all, it’s abundantly clear already that the Wahlbergs have the right stuff to make this work. With any luck Wahlburgers should prove quite the happening venue indeed.

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