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Kevin Gillespie to Guest Star on Squidbillies Premiere

All our lazy weekend dreams come true as our fave Top Chef star and an immensely enjoyable Adult Swim show join forces
 Kevin Gillespie to Guest Star on Squidbillies Premiere

It’s Saturday, and while we may be working adults here, that certainly doesn’t mean we’re above cartoons. It took us a while to get on the Squidbillies bandwagon – at first glance, the shakily-drawn Adult Swim offering about the antics of a family of hillbilly squids (ie. squidbillies) is nothing short of ridiculous. But it’s also nothing short of hilarious, and despite ourselves we fell hook, line, and sinker (ironic, considering that hooks and lines usually catch squids). Incidentally, we also fell hard for Kevin Gillespie, executive chef and owner of Atlanta’s Woodfire Grill and the runner-up of Top Chef Season 6. A true vision of Yukon Cornelius in the flesh (love of ham hocks and all), his visage has long cried out to be included in a cartoon. Now it’s happening – Gillespie will be guest starring on the Season 5 premiere of Squidbillies.

Eater Atlanta broke the news on Friday morning that Gillespie tweeted and posted to Facebook: “I guess I can check this off my bucket list now. Watch me as a guest on this season’s premiere of Squidbillies…” Also included was pretty promising screen cap. A second tweet held an even sweeter morsel – a preview clip of the upcoming show.



So batten down the hatches or fire up your DVR, because the new season starts Sunday, September 11, at 11:45PM. Get on it! And now, just for fun, a little Yukon Cornelius himself to tide you over.

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