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Ice Cream Happy Hour Brings a New Level of Cool

Valerie Lum and Jenise Addison's cookbook puts a frozen spin on classic cocktails just in time for summer
 Ice Cream Happy Hour Brings a New Level of Cool

In INFUSED, a weekly column, Elizabeth J. Musgrave connects spirits, wine, and beer with culinary and creative arts


Having reviewed books for quite awhile now, I have been privileged to read some rather great ones. Every once in awhile, however, one crosses my desk that makes me think: “Man, I wish I had written that one.” Valerie Lum and Jenise Addison’s Ice Cream Happy Hour is one of those books.

Bearing the subtitle “50 Boozy Treats You Spike, Freeze and Serve,” no cocktail napkin is left unturned: the Chocolate Martini, Pina Colada and even Sangria receive the frozen treatment. Butter Pecan with Brandy brings an American favorite to the adult beverage level, while Jasmine Tea with Sake prepares the palate for an Asian delight. Wine, beer and spirits all are invited to the kitchen to meet up with traditional ice cream, sherbet and sorbet dishes.

Recipes from beginner to advance with step by step instructions give everyone the Dutch courage to test the over-21 concoctions in their very own kitchen. Irish Coffee, Whiskey Sour and Mojito are covered, as are Cape Cod, Mimosa and Cosmopolitan. The list is impressive and thorough. After reading this 80-proof recipe book, I may never look at a banana split or turtle sundae the same way again.

Instructions and conversions are provided, along with fabulous images. My suggestion is to purchase two, one for yourself and one to replace it when your guests steal your original copy.

The book is outright simplistic brilliance. So obvious is the combination of ice cream and liquor, so beautiful the resulting colors, and such honeymoon-bliss the flavors – I kick myself for not thinking of it before these two culinary artists.

Bottom Line: A word of warning to ice cream freezer retailers: Prepare for inventory issues. Ice Cream Happy Hour tweaks frozen comfort food and creates original combinations for a grown up ice cream parlor delight giving adults a whole new reason to purchase the long forgotten ice cream freezer.

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