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Highlights from the North Park Festival of Arts

Recapping some of our favorite sights and tastes of May 20's North Park Festival of Arts on University and 30th
 Highlights from the North Park Festival of Arts

This weekend San Diego’s North Park district put on its 16th Annual North Park Festival of Arts, a celebration of culture, diversity, food and beer just minutes away from home. So of course we had to stop by and check things out. Here’s a bit of what we saw:


northparkfest 01.jpg


Food trucks weren’t quite as out-in-force as we’ve seen at other street fairs and festivals, but the few that did show up – New York on Rye, Thai 1 On, Curiocity, and MIHO Gastrotruck – are local favorites.


northparkfest 03.jpg


Elsewhere, attendees were happy to line up for the usual festival fare (fair fare?).


northparkfest 04.jpg


Some restaurants along University Ave. even took their business to the streets outside.


northparkfest 16.jpg


With its wide open interior, URBN didn’t have to do much to help their patrons feel like they were still part of the action.


northparkfest 05.jpg


You can’t argue with dinosaur and monster street art.


northparkfest 06.jpg


Galleries on Ray St. were open for business. Outside of Ousfaughn Gallery + Poetry Lounge on Ray St, artist Yousuf Talal enticed browsers with tasty Arabian coffee.


northparkfest 07.jpg


More art.


northparkfest 17.jpg


Even art that looks like food. How cute are these? You could eat them right up, if they weren’t soap.


northparkfest 08.jpg


But hey, how about that Craft Beer Block? It was a hot and sunny day, and accordingly the block was packed with industry pros, volunteers, craft beer enthusiasts and hobbyists, and those just looking for a little liquid refreshment.


northparkfest 09.jpg


One thing we love: really good cider. Another thing we love: Cherry 7-Up. Can you imagine how we feel about a cider that tastes of high-quality Cherry 7-Up? Well played, Julian Hard Cider.


northparkfest 13.jpg


Hot off of several wins at the 2012 World Beer Cup, Pizza Port was on board with a couple of quality beverages. We tried – and were delighted by – their Fifth Symphony Saison from their San Clemente location, a “farmhouse” saison brightened with hints of grapefruit.


northparkfest 14.jpg


Tangerine and kumquat wheat beer? Oh, yes. We are suckers for citrus, and it was exactly as good as it sounds.


northparkfest 11.jpg


North Park staples like Ranchos were on hand to keep attendees well fed.


northparkfest 12.jpg


An oyster shooter from Sea Rocket Bistro? Don’t mind if we do. The addition of the mixed berry jam gave us pause, we’ll admit, but we should have already known it would be nothing short of delicious.


northparkfest 10.jpg


And to top it all off: cats. A samurai cat, even. Good show, North Park. 

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