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Gordon Ramsay Sues Father-in-Law over Hacking and Theft

Mountains of debt and deceit have turned the family partnership between Gordon Ramsay and Chris Hutcheson into a feud
 Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay

It’s open season for Gordon Ramsay, and his wife’s family members are the targets. On Friday, the British top chef and reality TV personality filed a writ in High Court against his wife Tana’s father Chris Hutcheson along with Tana’s mother, sister, brother, sister-in-law, and Hutcheson’s alleged mistress for various complaints. As retribution, Ramsay is looking for compensation to the tune of millions.

 According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Ramsay is seeking compensation from Hutcheson for egregious behavior that led to Ramsay firing him from his position as CEO of Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd after a long and fruitful partnership. The deal breaking behavior reportedly includes:

  • Repeatedly hacking into Ramsay’s personal and business computer files
  • Placing his wife and son on the Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd payroll
  • Placing his mistress on the payroll at a rate of £5,000 per month.
  • Writing himself  £20,000 checks for personal use
  • Withdrawing £1.42 million to fund “a double life” with a secret second wife and children

The Daily Mail also reports a claim filed by Ramsay that “Hutcheson’s married son, Adam, splashed company cash on taking a female ‘friend’ to Australia, and that father and son wiped emails to cover their tracks.” Hutcheson is painted as a schemer who went to great lengths to keep his systematic siphoning of company assets a secret, through means ranging from deleted e-mails to failures to log salary advances, even as Ramsay used personal money to help their business stay afloat during the recession. Tana Ramsay, who is recently estranged from her family, is fully backing her husband throughout this turn of events. 

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