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Food Truck Gathering at San Diego Comic-Con

A gaggle of food trucks from Devilicious to Super Q are getting together for Invasion of the Pier to feed the Con's hungry masses
 Food Truck Gathering at San Diego Comic-Con

With more than a decade of experience at San Diego Comic-Con International, we’ve seen more changes over the years than we care to think about. (What halcyon days when we could breathe and even move our arms freely in the middle of the exhibit hall!) But one thing never changes: the food in the convention center leaves a lot to be desired. Unless you like cafeteria-style pizza and expensive concession stand kiosks – in which case, have at it. The rest of us found ourselves carrying wrapped sandwiches or going off-premises for a bite to eat. So it’s nice to hear that, as the Con continues its growth to gargantuan proportions, lunch options are expanding as food truck and the like bring their services to Comic-Con’s doorstep (or close enough).

Case in point: Invasion of the Pier,” a food truck gathering taking place outside of the Broadway Pier (1000 N. Harbor Dr.) just a stone’s throw – or a $1 shuttle ride if you’re bogged down with merch – from the San Diego Convention Center. The event claims a beer garden, bands and a DJ, and more food trucks than you can shake your Con badge at. The bands haven’t been confirmed yet, but the food trucks have been and they cater toward quite a variety of tastes:



Now, we love Sushi Ninjas here at Food & Drink Digital (though we wish they’d venture up to Carlsbad), but there are a lot of tough decisions to be made. But hey, the gathering is going to be from 4-11PM on both Friday and Saturday so that’s a lot of potential meals should one get too indecisive.

The only catch: it’s 21 and up on account of the beer garden, and the admission fee is $6. But when you factor in that the $6 is for the benefit of the San Diego Air & Space Museum, it’s all for a good cause. 


[SOURCE: Invasion of the Pier via San Diego Food Trucks]

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