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FLA Joint Offers Free Sushi for Shark Attack Survivors

If you have proof that you were the victim of a shark attack, one Smyrna Beach sushi bar is offering a free chance to bite back
 FLA Joint Offers Free Sushi for Shark Attack Survivors

There’s no question that a shark attack is serious business – especially in Smyrna Beach, a Florida coastal town that holds the dubious title of “Shark Attack Capital of the World.” But one restaurant is injecting a little levity into the situation by offering patrons the chance to turn that shark attack into a snack attack. Smyrna Beach’s Kaiju Sushi and Rice Balls is offering a free Shark Attack Roll to anyone who can bring in proof that he or she was the victim of a shark attack.

“What better way for us to show god’s chainsaw-toothed water-breathing death missiles who’s boss then by eating them?” is the question posed to diners on the Kaiju Sushi blog. “Enter the Shark Attack Roll… grilled shark, seaweed salad, and a healthy bit of wasabi all in a massive jaws-caliber uncut hand roll. Just $8.99 or FREE… YES FREE… if you bring proof that you’ve been the victim of a shark attack. We accept photos, videos, headlines, and scars. You get your picture taken for the wall and walk out with the beast in your belly!”




The deal debuted last week, in time to coincide with the Discovery Channel’s fan favorite Shark Week, and Huffington Post reports that two have already cashed in. The first was Joey G., a local surfer whose shark attack ended up on the news. But this offer isn’t just for locals – Kaiju Sushi asserts that anyone around the world who has gone mano-a-mano with a shark is welcome to claim their Shark Attack Roll.

While we wouldn’t recommend strapping on a meat suit in open water just to get in on this deal – the roll is only $8.99 sans shark bite – it’s certainly a tasty little extra reward for those who’ve battled the beast and lived to eat another day. 

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