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Chef Andy Bates Creates World's Most Expensive Kebab

British street food specialist Andy Bates kicks up the glamour with a £750 doner kebab to promote The Great Food Truck Race
 World’s Most Expensive Kebab

How much would you pay for good street food? Five dollars? Ten dollars? How about a thousand dollars? You would theoretically pay even more than that for the doner kebab that British celebrity chef Andy Bates created to help promote The Great Food Truck Race which premieres June 6 on Food Network UK. Dubbed “The King of Kebabs” and “The Don of All Doners,” this glorified schwarma would set discerning food truck patrons back a whopping £750 – a little over $1,230 US.




What on earth could lead a simple doner kebab to cost more than the average person makes in a week? According to Chef Bates, it’s all about the ingredients. Chef Bates started out with shoulder of milk-fed lamb, and gussied it up with barrel aged feta, a microgreen salad, Purple Violet potatoes, Coeur de Boeuf beefsteak tomatoes, plus premium olive oil and a habañero chili. The big ticket items include a saffron-infused pita wrap, cucumber yogurt sauce blended with Krug Grande Cuvee champagne, and (or course) a garnish of edible platinum and gold leaf.

That all sounds pretty tasty, if unattainable. For those who want a grocery list of the gods, the UK Sun broke down the cost (we put it into dollars and cents for you):

  • Shoulder of milk-fed lamb - £84 / $138
  • Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes - £20 / $33
  • Micro Cress and Bibb Salad - £11.95 / $20
  • Habañero Peppers - £35 / $57
  • Barrel Aged Feta Cheese - £54.20 / $89
  • Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil - £26.95 / $44
  • Purple Violet potatoes - £15 / $25
  • Edible gold leaf and platinum - £130 / $213.50
  • Saffron - £138 / $226
  • Krug Champagne - £195 / $320
  • Other ingredients (garlic, lemon, salsa, mint, cucumber, yoghurt) - £40 / $66

Total: £750.10 / $1231.50



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