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Be a Wine Expert (or Just Look Like One)

Joël Robuchon wine director Harley Carbery chats with CNN about how to fake wine expertise 'til you make it
 Be a Wine Expert (or Just Look Like One)

Don’t think of today as a lazy Sunday – think of today as a day with plenty of extra time to learn something new. Like, for example, how to get a little more intimately acquainted with one of the most daunting subjects in the food and drink world: wine. With so many wines (good and bad) on the market, and such an intense culture behind it, learning about wine can be so overwhelming that a lot of people never even try.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. This weekend CNN Eatocracy chatted with Harley Carbery, International Sommelier Guild graduate and Wine Director at the renowned Joël Robuchon restaurant in Las Vegas, about the basics of ordering and handling wine to help get over the fear that leaves so many wine novices too paralyzed by self-doubt to order anything but the “house red.” Here is just a sampling:


1. Don't be afraid to ask for help

"Most people, when shopping for a bottle of wine, are happy to read an article, a rating, and go by other people’s points of view. I always recommend speaking to one of the wine professionals at your local wine shop.

If you are going to treat friends or business associates to a dinner out, call ahead and ask to speak to the restaurant’s sommelier or the person in charge of the wine list. This will make you look like a pro when you receive the wine list and already know what to order.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations; the restaurant sommelier knows the list and the food far better than you."


Of course, that’s just the beginning. To learn more about how to hold your wine glass and how to remember what you like and what you don’t, head on over to CNN and check out the rest of Harley Carbery’s Five Ways To Look Like a Wine Pro When You're Not.

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