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Anthony Bourdain Passes on Budacki's for Layover Visit

A helpful hint to restaurants hoping to get on one of Anthony Bourdain's travel shows: don't irritate Anthony Bourdain
 Anthony Bourdain Passes on Budacki’s for Layover Visit

Here’s another one for the “bad ideas” file. Though it probably seemed like a good idea at the time for the management at Budacki’s Drive-In in Chicago: knowing that Anthony Bourdain was going to be stopping by for a bite to eat (and to highlight the joint as part of an upcoming episode of The Layover) the restaurant decided to turn the whole thing into a party and drum up as big a crowd as possible. How? By tacking up a sign to let everyone know that Anthony Bourdain would be there this Saturday from 1-3PM to tape an episode of The Layover.

While that might be totally fine for some shows – we’re going to go out on a limb and assume that Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives would welcome a gawking crowd – Bourdain is the kind of guy who likes his realism and, once he got wind of the sign, what Budacki’s Drive-In got in turn was pretty much the opposite of the good publicity they were likely expecting. Today he posted the following picture to Twitter and Facebook, with the caption “How NOT to get your place on TV:”




A couple of hours later, Bourdain got back on social media to further explain his reasoning behind what happened:




No, it’s not that he’s necessarily mad at Budacki’s. Just... disappointed. And just like every time you’ve ever heard that from your mom or dad, it’s just as bad if not worse.

Today’s lesson to restaurant owners and managers: make sure you’re on the same page – really, really, really on the same page – with any special guests coming to visit. Whenever you’re collaborating with an outside force, what seems like a clever executive decision now can come back to haunt you if it doesn’t jibe with the other party’s vision as well. That goes triple for when the aforementioned outside force is an authoritative voice in media. 

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