Subway Tests New Vegan Sandwiches in Beltway Locations

As more consumers turn to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, savvy franchises are taking notice with menus to accommodate
 Subway Tests New Vegan Sandwiches in Beltway Locations

No one can ever accuse Subway of being unadventurous. It’s still up for debate whether the Doritos Nachos that popped up last month in a Nashville location are legit or the brainchild of an especially creative rogue franchisee. But legit or not, it’s not the only new item being cooked up at Subway locations. Already testing them out in several locations across the Beltway region, the world’s biggest franchise will soon be attempting to bring vegans into its global consumer fold with new vegan sandwiches.




It’s not that Subway was barren before as far as vegan-friendly options. To the contrary, it’s long been ahead of the game with its Veggie Delight sandwich. More recently, Compassion Over Killing’s We Love Subway campaign for more vegan proteins and meat substitutes sparked the addition of a “Totally Vegged” veggie patty that has been available in select locations. But who wants to eat the same sandwich – or even the same two sandwiches – every day when there’s so much variety in the world? More options mean more opportunities for consumers to come back, and Subway is rolling out not one but three good reasons to make return visits.

Voices of Compassion (the official blog for Compassion Over Killing) reports that Subway has launched three new vegan sandwiches at Subway Café locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC: the Sweet Riblet, the Malibu Greek, and the Italian Black Bean. If you’ll remember, Subway Café is a more upscale brand of Subway that has fared pretty well compared to other brands’ earlier “franchise bistro” incarnations. But if the sandwiches attract a following, we expect that they’ll find their way into Subways and Subway Cafés across the nation soon enough.


[SOURCE: Voices of Compassion via Huffington Post]

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