Subway Experimenting with Doritos Nachos?

Will the lightning of a Doritos sales boost strike twice? At least one Subway location certainly hopes so
 Subway Experimenting with Doritos Nachos?

Taco Bell hit upon something genius this year with its Doritos Locos taco. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the numbers don’t lie – selling 100 million units in 10 weeks, it was the franchise’s most successful product launch ever. Certainly other franchises can’t be blamed for hoping to capture some of that Doritos-related magic for themselves.  So far it looks like the next franchise to hop on board the Doritos Success Express is Subway, who appear to be trying their hand at Doritos nachos.

Reports trickling in pinpoint Nashville, TN as Subway’s apparent premiere Doritos nachos test market. A Subway location within a Nashville Wal-Mart is selling the menu item, which seems to consist of nacho cheese, jalapeños, and nacho cheese Doritos. Bloggers are speculating about all that you could customize those nachos with from the Subway oeuvre (Spinach? Bacon? Avocado?), but GrubGrade commenter Mehu claims that, at his/her local Subway, no customization is allowed. So that kind of puts a damper on the whole situation.

If this ends up being a menu item rolled out nationwide, rather than some Nashville franchise owner’s singular whim, we hope they end up doing more with it than just nacho cheese and jalapeños. One of the main reasons why Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos tacos went over like gangbusters is because it brought something new to the table. A Doritos taco shell isn’t exactly easy to make at home. Doritos nachos, on the other hand, are nothing that you couldn’t whip up yourself with a grocery store bag of Doritos and a can of Que Bueno. If this ends up being a thing, we hope Subway steps things up.


[SOURCE and PHOTO CREDIT: GrubGrade via FoodBeast]

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