Seattle's Best Coffee Raises the Curtain on Declare Your Level Show

Seattle's Best Coffee Breaks New Ground in Social Media with Comedy Marathon and Customized Fan Content
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Facebookers, get ready to LOL for 24 hours straight. A virtual comedy smorgasbord will begin on April 13 at 1 p.m. Eastern when Starbucks-owned Seattle’s Best Coffee debuts the “Declare Your Level Show.” The brand is teaming with world-famous improv troupe Second City Communications for this first-of-its-kind comedy and coffee extravaganza. Just like a traditional improv show, the Facebook audience will participate by providing content that will inspire personalized, one-of-a-kind sketches, songs, and one-liners.

This event is part of a multi-million dollar marketing campaign supporting the launch of The Level System, the brand’s radically simplified approach to packaged coffee introduced in Dec. 2010. The first 100,000 people to participate will receive a free sample of the Level of their choice, from a light, crisp Level 1 to a bold, dark Level 5.

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Twenty-one actors and five directors from Second City will improvise for the “Declare Your Level Show” over the 24-hour period. Upon declaring their Level, participants will be met with a congratulatory video inspired by their Level, featuring Second City actors. Fans will then be placed in queue to be one of approximately 1,000 people who will be part of the LIVE improv show. When the sketch inspired by each fan is finished, it will be posted directly to their Facebook wall, which is the first time this technology has been available.

“When it comes to integrated marketing, so often you have to choose between driving an emotional brand connection or a hard-hitting product message; but the beauty of the Declare Your Level Show is that it lands both in a very big way,” said Michelle Gass, president Seattle’s Best Coffee. “We learned early on that Facebook is a great way to get our coffee into thousands of people’s hands and this is just one of the many ways we plan to activate consumers as we build a long-term relationship with them.”

How to Get a Free Coffee Sample and Join in on the Declare Your Level Show

•To participate, fans should “Like” the Seattle’s Best Coffee Facebook page at They will then be prompted to declare their Level and answer brief questions that will inspire the sketch.

•The first 100,000 people to declare their Level will receive a free coffee sample that brews a 10-cup pot of coffee.

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