Quiznos Develops Franchise Strategy in Brazil

Quiznos announces major franchise development plans in Brazil and abroad
 Quiznos Takes Franchise to Brazil


This week, Quiznos announced a franchise agreement with Brazil Best Food Inc. This agreement seals the deal for seven new Quiznos locations opening across the country by the end of this year, and could lead to the franchise developing as many as 200 more sandwich shops throughout Brazil over time.

This isn’t Quiznos’ first foray overseas – the franchise has outposts everywhere from Ireland to South Korea, and has established a strong presence in the Middle East with its sandwich shops placed throughout Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. But after the recent economic downturn forced some major scaling back in the recent past, Quiznos is ready to get back out there and make an aggressive run at the global marketplace.




According to Restaurant News, this expansion within Brazil is a primary step in Quiznos’ plan to “grow the brand into more than 40 countries and territories, targeting Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.”As far as the brands at hand are concerned, the time is right and Brazil is the perfect place to launch this renewed global strategy.

“Along with a growing economy in Brazil, there is a rapidly emerging market niche for a fast, warm lunch,” said Brazil Best Food Inc. President Luiz Antonelli in an official statement. “Quiznos’ colorful ambiance and warm, toasted sandwiches are well-suited for Brazilian tastes, and their exemplary training program, executive accessibility, flexibility in menu development and operational excellence make them the ideal partner for us in Brazil.”


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