Pizza Hut Launches Mobile Ordering App

Feel like ordering pizza without having to call? Thanks to Pizza Hut, there's an app for that
 Pizza Hut Launches App


So, you’re craving a pizza. You have your phone on hand to make the call – but why go through the hassle? You get put on hold, you have to shout over background noise, and you’re never quite sure if they heard your order right until the delivery guy shows up with a sausage and onion when you clearly ordered a veggie supreme. Pizza Hut is hoping that all of this trouble will one day be a thing of the past – the franchise launched the first mobile pizza app in 2009, and has just announced the launch of a new generation of mobile ordering apps available across every platform from Android smartphones to the iPad.

According to the related press release, the new Pizza Hut mobile ordering apps take mobile ordering “to the next level,” by providing such features as a full Pizza Hut menu including sides and drinks and a Specials section for weekly deals, guest checkout (so friends can order without having to sign in), and added credit card options. The app also records your orders so that you can go back for your favorites again and again at the click of a button.




We launched the pizza category's first ever iPhone app in 2009, and knew immediately that mobile ordering was the future of the pizza business," said Pizza Hut Chief Information & Digital Officer Baron Concors of Pizza Hut’s constant and continued involvement in the world of mobile apps. "The success of our iPhone app has sparked users of other platforms to clamor for their own way to order from Pizza Hut. We've heightened consumer engagement by observing our customers' digital lifestyles and making our food easily available to them on their preferred platforms.  And we'll continue to evolve as they do."

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