McDonald's Trades Cashiers for Touchscreens

Have you had your break from interactions today? Try McDonald's new touchscreen interface


Fast food is about to get even faster. According to recent reports, McDonald’s Europe President Steve Easterbrooke has been thoroughly inspired by a recent visit to Japan, and is planning to make some big technology-based changes at McDonald’s locations throughout the UK. Among those is the intention to replace cashiers at UK McDonald’s locations with digital interfaces and swipe card systems.

In addition to hopes that the digital interface will expedite the ordering process and make the fast food experience even more convenient, McDonald’s is also hoping to gain more concrete feedback from customers through the digital system.  With the touch of a button, McDonald’s can record and analyze a wealth of data on which customers are buying what, when and how much, and whether or not the majority of customers do, in fact, want fries and a limited time only Shamrock Shake with that.




But the technology doesn’t stop there. Reports have also come out that, in conjunction with Visa Europe, McDonald’s is also planning to roll out a contactless payment system at over a thousand locations across the UK this summer.  Interestingly enough, McDonald’s – perhaps realizing that there has to be some sort of real presence on the dining floor – also mentioned introducing waiters at the UK locations as well to take orders from seated customers and ensure that everything is up to par.

Self-checkouts at grocery stores have really taken off, but will customers embrace the same idea when it comes to restaurants – even fast food restaurants? Only time will tell if this is folly or if McDonald’s Europe is onto something big.

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