McDonald's Apologizes to Australia For its Coffee

A new ad campaign has McDonald's assuring Australian consumers that its McCafé coffee will get better
 McCafe coffee

You don’t have to tell McDonald’s that its coffee isn’t up to par – the brand knows, and it’s sorry. Now, as part of a new multimillion dollar ad campaign, McDonald’s is attempting to build a bond with its customers by ‘fessing up to its shortcomings and announcing its plans to improve across its 650 Australia locations.

This weekend, McDonald’s Australia is launching an ad campaign across TV, radio, newspapers, and social media admitting that hasn’t been living up to expectations and promising to do better. McDonald’s plans for upping the quality of their McCafé coffee items includes using a revised mix of beans for a better flavor profile and ensuring that every McDonald’s Australia location has a professionally trained barista.





"We are the largest coffee chain in Australia, but we know we are not the most loved,” McDonald's chief operating officer Helen Nash told The Australian. “Customers have told us we can do better and we are saying, 'we have heard you and now we hope you notice the difference.’”

If this ad campaign sounds familiar, it’s because it is almost identical to that of Domino’s Pizza, who saw a renewed wave of success with its Pizza Turnaround campaign. Still, not everyone is convinced that McDonald’s is as up to the challenge. The Herald Sun talked to baristas who expressed doubt that even improved McDonald’s coffee could take the place of local cafés, especially in foodie-centric Melbourne.

"There is a simple science to [coffee making], but also an art," barista trainer Catherine West told the news source. "I think because of the nature of culture in Melbourne, there will be a bit of resistance, purely because it is also a multinational company. They'll still be doing it on a bigger scale so there will be less attention to detail." 

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