Jack in the Box Removes Toys from Kids Meals

Revamped kids meals are one part of a customer-oriented menu reboot at Jack in the Box
 Jack Nixes Kids Meal Toys

Jack in the Box rolled out a new menu this week highlighting some big changes. Among them is a revamped kid’s menu with new options – and toys taken out of the equation altogether.

According to Jack in the Box Inc, the decision to stop including toys with its kids’ meals wasn’t based on outside pressure from activists or political figures. Brian Luscomb, a spokesman for Jack in the Box, reportedly acknowledged recent efforts to ban toys in kids’ meals, including San Francisco’s successful legislation last year banning toys in kids’ meals not meeting certain calorie and sugar thresholds. But despite being aware of these efforts, Luscomb noted that they “did not drive our decision.”




Instead, Jack in the Box asserts that this change is part of a strategy putting the primary focus on quality food. “Rather than promote a toy, we’ve focused on the quality of products in our kids’ meals like a grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough, grilled or crispy chicken strips, or a hamburger, said Luscomb, adding that Jack in the Box’s kids’ meals would also now come with the option of apple slices as a healthier substitute for French fries.

“We believe that providing these kinds of options is more appealing to a parent than packaging a toy with lower-quality fare,” said Luscomb.

In addition to changing up its kids’ meals, Jack in the Box has also rolled out a revamped menu that is much more streamlined than its predecessor. The franchise has dropped some of its less popular items along the way – including its chorizo burrito, beef teriyaki bowl and pita snacks – and is getting back to the basics of chicken sandwiches and burgers. 

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