Is the U.S. Ready for 7-Eleven's Mashed Potato Dispenser?

7-Elevens in Asia and Europe are getting their mashed potato on with Maggi mashed potato dispensers, could we have such nice things here?
 Is the U.S. Ready for 7-Eleven’s Mashed Potato Dispense..

The United States and mashed potatoes with gravy out of a vending machine: that sounds like two great tastes that should taste great together. In retrospect, considering the American’s pride in a hearty meat-and-potatoes diet, it almost seems insane that there aren’t already mashed potato-dispensing vending machines at every convenience store in the country. Meanwhile, countries like Singapore are making it happen: Maggi mashed potato machines installed at 7-Elevens in Singapore and other countries throughout Asia and even Europe are taking the internet by storm this week.

Buzzfeed posted a video that displays exactly how the mashed potato dispenser works, doling out perfect portions of instant mashed potatoes and gravy produced by Nestlé-owned soup and sauce brand Maggi. Much like frozen yogurt or a Slurpee, it baasically comes down to grabbing the appropriate cup, pushing a button, and standing back as the machine works its magic:



Apparently you can choose from regular chicken gravy or a fantastic-sounding BBQ flavor which we’re imagining as gravy with a smoky mesquite effect.

We were all content to mope about the fact that this is probably an overseas phenomenon like the Middle East’s Crown Crust Pizza or Japan’s legendary Double Roll Pizza that will sadly never make it over here to our shores. But then Tecca blogger Mike Wehner spoke with a 7-Eleven representative who told him that mashed potato dispensers in the United States are “sparse.” In other words, not only is it a possibility but in some places they are already here.

What’s more, the representative told Wehner that it simply comes down to each individual 7-Eleven franchise owner requesting the machine for his or her location. With all of the buzz that these machines have generated over the past day or two, we wouldn’t be surprised to see at least a few more mashed potato dispensers pop up at 7-Elevens in the United States just for novelty’s sake. And when it happens, we’ll be ready.


[SOURCE: tecca via Yahoo; Buzzfeed]

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