Humane Society Invests in Fast Food Industry

The HSUS purchases stock in fast food mogul CKE, in hopes of leveraging stakeholder engagement to influence animal rights
 Humane Society Invests in Fast Food

The Humane Society (HSUS) is looking to expand their stock portfolio by investing in an unlikely contender. Apollo Global Management, the parent company of CKE restaurants -- which manages such culturally embraced food chains as Carl’s Jr. and Hardees -- recently sold 325 stock shares to the animal advocacy organization. While the investment is small, a mere $4,000 on the part of the HSUS, it guarantees certain privileges to the society, including speaking up at shareholder meetings, which the HSUS views as vital opportunities to influence decision makers to institute more animal friendly practices. 

A press release from the Humane Society articulated some of the particular causes the HSUS hopes to abolish within CKE's company standards. Their most vehement cause being the small cages the animals are forced to occupy. The release mentioned, “Nearly all breeding pigs and egg laying hens used for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.’s products are confined in crates or cages that prevent the animals from moving more than a few inches for most of their  lives.”

Michael Prescot, the food policy director for the HSUS argued, “Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. allows its suppliers to permanently confine animals in cages so small they can barely move.  It’s time the companies aligned themselves with the public’s expectations and values.” Prescot's urgency to change animal cruelty practices within CKE's restaurants makes viable sense when considering the large scope of business the company operates in.

CKE currently runs 31,250 fast-food joints nationwide, serving millions of customers, most of whom are very concerned about the treatment of animals. According to HSUS's press release, "Animal welfare is the third-most important social issue to American restaurant patrons, outranking the environment." 

The movement towards animal fairness has made some serious traction in the world.The entire European Union, as well as eight U.S. states passed laws that prohibit the caging of animals in extremely tight cages, but what about the other 42 states in America? Well if the HSUS's strategic investments in major corporate influencers are any indicator of passionate progress, than the Humane Society will not stop its torch-bearing initiative for animal rights until helpless animals everywhere get the just treatment they deserve. 

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