Domino's Pizza Strips Down for Logo Redesign

Pizza franchise Domino's hopes a new logo and restaurant redesigns will pique consumer interest
 Domino's Pizza Logos: Old Meets New

Bigger isn’t always better – sometimes it’s easier to remember things that are stripped down and bold in their simplicity. That’s what Domino’s Pizza is betting on, anyway. This week the brand continued its ongoing process of reinvention with the unveiling of a brand new logo.

The new Domino’s Pizza logo a wordless, streamlined design – a simple domino in the brand’s signature colors – that’s meant to be as evocative and iconic as other pictograph logos like the Nike swoosh. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, it’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of new developments at Domino’s. The brand is reportedly also aiming to further revamp its image with a reimagining of its restaurant designs, a process to be implemented through new stores as well as remodeling at old locations. The new “store of the future” design that focuses on pizzas custom-made to order:


The new store design aims to put pizza front and center with a “Pizza Theater” format that will have “pizza-making artists” hand tossing dough and creating custom-made pies in front of guests — a move that may better position the brand to compete against a growing number of build-your-own fast-casual pizza concepts.


Depending on square footage, the Pizza Theater stores may have a “comfortable lobby,” as well as an open view of the food preparation process, including a step platform for kids to watch their pizza being made. Guests may be able to order from a kiosk and track their orders electronically. Stores may also feature a chalkboard to allow guests to express creativity or give feedback.


Reinvention isn’t a new theme for Domino’s: last year found the brand revamping its recipes with its Pizza Turnaround campaign, thanks to the advent of social media interaction and customer feedback. More recently, the brand has focused on expanding its menu with Artisan Pizzas and toasted sandwiches. But with domestic sales growth slowing, it may take more than an expanded menu to jump start consumer interest. Maybe an image shake-up will do the trick.



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