Cold Stone Creamery Branches Out into Frozen Yogurt

All aboard the frozen yogurt trend: Cold Stone Creamery is getting in on the action
 Cold Stone Creamery Goes FroYo

There’s no question that frozen yogurt is all the rage these days. Frozen yogurt joints are cropping up everywhere so fast that they’re making ice cream shops look like endangered species. Cold Stone Creamery has clearly recognized this, and are both adapting and riding the trend. While the franchise has been testing frozen yogurt in select markets for the past six months, it is now rolling the tasty treat out at locations nationwide.

According to Restaurant News, Cold Stone Creamery is now offering low-calorie, low-fat, probiotic frozen yogurt alternatives to many of its most popular flavors, including French vanilla, strawberry, and cheesecake. But that’s not all – Cold Stone is also introducing some all-new frozen yogurt flavors like pink lemonade and blueberry pomegranate.




At a time when many consumers are looking more and more at their calorie and fat intake, adding frozen yogurt to the menu is a smart move for an ice cream shop like Cold Stone Creamery that’s most well known for its creamy, candy-filled, decadent concoctions. In contrast, Cold Stone’s frozen yogurt weighs in at a slim 34 calories per ounce.

Every Cold Stone location has plans to stock at least one flavor of frozen yogurt next to its ice cream choices, giving customers different options to mix their brownies (or healthier fruit and nuts) into. In addition, Cold Stone Creamery also has plans to expand its test run of more traditional self-serve Yogurt Bar locations, currently operating at various points in California, Arizona, Virginia, and North Carolina. 

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