Burger King Ditches King Mascot for Guacamole

Good night, sweet bobbleheaded former prince - Burger King is taking a "fresh" approach to advertising
 Burger King Ditches King Mascot for Guacamole

After Burger King got rid of its interactive chicken ad campaign promoting BK Chicken Fries, we thought we’d never love a fast food franchise mascot again. Then, The King arrived in all his caped and bobbleheaded glory, ushering in a whole new era of creepy silent mascots who somehow really make us hungry for Whoppers. But Burger King giveth, and Burger King taketh away, and the chain is officially laying The King to rest.

No doubt inspired by recent surveys as well as flagging profits, Burger King has split with edgy ad firm Crispin Porter + Bogusky – in its place, the franchise is hopping on the “freshness” trend with a new campaign spearheaded by more traditional ad agency McGarry Bowen. It all starts with an ad that will begin airing on TV this weekend. “The entire TV commercial will focus single-mindedly on sights and sounds of the burger’s ingredients being washed and diced,” Forbes reports. Washed lettuce, novel! (We’re hoping, anyway – washed ground beef would be a little weird.)




There will also be guacamole – lots and lots of guacamole. Burger King is following Subway on the bandwagon headed to Guacamole Junction by rolling out the California Whopper, a burger topped with bacon, Swiss cheese, and… wait for it… guacamole. We’re not sure why guacamole is such a “trend” all of a sudden, or what’s so California about bacon and Swiss cheese. What’s more, the California Whopper has apparently been available at select Burger King locations in Florida and Europe (everywhere but California?) for years. But hey – people love their guacamole. This just might work, BK. But we’ll still miss The King. 

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