Ben & Jerry's Shares Tweets for Fair Trade Day

If you have some Twitter space to fill, Ben & Jerry's wants the chance to put it to good use
 Fair Tweets for Fair Trade Day


In the Twitter lexicon, a “Twoosh” is a perfect Tweet, one that uses each of the allotted 140 characters. But how often do you use every single letter? Chances are you have a few characters left over with almost every Tweet – over the course of the day, it can add up to hundreds of Twitter characters wasted. In honor of World Fair Trade Day on May 14 (that's tomorrow!), Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is asking Twitter users to let them have just a few of those unused spaces to help spread the word about fair trade.

“Every day, millions of Twitter characters go unused. That's not very fair,” reads Ben & Jerry’s Fair Tweets microsite. “But now you can tweet as you normally would, and we'll turn any leftover characters into a message about Fair Trade. Now that's fair.”




All a Twitter user needs to do is write a Tweet as usual in Ben & Jerry’s Fair Tweets box. The cute little Twitter bird perched on top will take care of the rest, filling in unused space with Fair Trade related hashtags and other goodies to promote the Fair Trade cause. Tweets with more than 22 leftover spaces get a link to one of several articles related to World Fair Trade Day events or ways that fair trade has positively affected the lives of others, plus a link at the bottom prompting your Twitter followers to head to Ben & Jerry’s Fair Tweets page to join the cause themselves.

World Fair Trade Day is a day of awareness organized by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), with the support of over 400 fair trade organizations worldwide. According to the World Fair Trade Day site, the theme of World Fair Trade Day 2011 is “Trade for People – Fair Trade Your World,” encouraging consumers to put people, the environment, and sustainable practices first when making choices in their everyday lives. Whether you’re a Ben & Jerry’s fan or not, it’s a cause anyone can Tweet behind. 

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